Rebuilding After a Disaster

After a natural disaster or fire damages a property, the emphasis is on restoring the property back to its condition before the fire. The majority of the focus when it comes to bringing a property back from a disaster is on the interior and exterior of a physical structure, but there is another part of a recovery project that is just as important as restoring the building. After a disaster, the process of restoring the contents of the property is just as important as rebuilding the property itself.

When the family home burns down, the family often fears that many of its most prized possessions will be lost forever. But there are content restoration experts who can take many of those possessions and give them a new life. A professional restoration company will be able to examine all of the contents within a damaged property and create an estimate for restoring the items that can be salvaged. It is amazing to see how many items that were thought to be lost can be restored at the hands of trained professionals.

The people who work at restoration companies understand how important the contents of a home or office can be to the people who need and treasure those items. That is why you will find restoration experts to be extremely compassionate and understanding people. At a time when a family or office needs to hear from a confident professional about the fate of their contents, a restoration expert can be a blast of fresh air.

The Process of Content Restoration

A content restoration expert is able to work on a variety of projects that cover even the most specialized situations. A professional content restoration team can offer services for:

  • Offices
  • Homes
  • Churches
  • Museums
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Retail Shops
  • Hotels

Working to help restore items from places such as museums and churches requires precision work, which is why a content restoration team needs to be highly trained and precise. When you hire a restoration company to help recover from your disaster, be sure to ask about the types of projects the company has done in the past. With projects such as larger homes and homes of collectors, the job of a content restoration team can be extremely important.

Working With You And Your Insurance Company

For a homeowner, it can be almost impossible to put a price on a cherished family heirloom. For office managers and commercial property owners, replacing perfectly functional equipment can be costly. Insurance companies are only going to give a business the current retail value of equipment when the insurance companies figure losses, and the current retail value of older equipment is normally not enough to replace that equipment. Content restoration companies not only help customers get their belongings back, but they also save insurance companies and customers money.

When you work with a content restoration expert, an inventory of your items will need to be taken to help put together an initial estimate. There is more than one way to restore an item, and some items may be past restoration and do need to be replaced. A professional restoration organization will offer you and your insurance company plenty of options when it comes to handling the restoration or replacement of your items.

Making An Inventory

An inventory of items damaged in a disaster is not just used for insurance quotes. It is also used as a way for the restoration company and the customer to keep a detailed eye on the entire restoration process. From removing the smell of smoke to doing a complete clean-up of an item, an inventory keeps track of each item and its progress through the restoration process. The customer can use the inventory to see how the restoration is going, and the restoration company can use the inventory to precisely bill the insurance company for the work being done.

One of the more effective ways for creating an inventory of damaged items is to give each item a barcode sticker and scan each barcode to create the inventory. Not only does a barcode system allow the restoration company to keep a close track on each inventory item, but it also makes it easier to make sure that all of the restored items are returned to the customer when the process is complete.

The Need for Content Restoration

When a hurricane rips through your area, all of the properties in your area are in danger. After the winds have passed, there will be plenty of properties to rebuild and plenty of need for restoration services. Content restoration is not reserved for just fire and flood damage. The need for restoration professionals extends to hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards and landslides. Whenever property has been damaged in a natural disaster, content restoration experts will be there to help the affected to pick up the pieces and move on.

Off-site Restoration

When a restoration company needs to send items to a specialized location to have them restored, they use a service called a pack-out. During a pack-out, the restoration company carefully packages the items and sends them to another location to get the precise attention they need. The barcode inventory system notes every pack-out instance, and allows customers to see when their items have been worked on by specialists.

Where Do Items When They Are Restored But The Property Is Not Ready?

One of the questions most customers have about content restoration involves the fate of their items if they are restored before the property is rebuilt. A professional content restoration company will have climate-controlled storage facilities that they use to store restored items until the customer’s property is rebuilt. It is important that a restoration company utilize climate-controlled storage to make sure that items are not damaged by the extreme heat and cold that occurs during the course of a year.

Specialized Restoration Services

One of the first questions people have when they are faced with having to use restoration services is whether or not their item can be properly handled by experienced professionals. We discussed earlier the broad range of properties content restoration experts are trained to assist. Along with those special properties comes the need to be able to handle a wide variety of items that are both common and unique.

Along with being able to restore any type of furnishing, content restoration experts can also do complete restoration work on most types of electronics and almost any kind of industrial machinery. The expertise required to be able to handle these types of delicate instruments comes with years of on-the-job experience.

One of the more important restoration services for commercial property owners is the ability to restore important company records in several different formats. This includes inventories, personnel records and accounts receivable documents. In an age where companies keep records in digital and paper format, it helps to have a restoration company that can get the job done right.

Manufacturers that experience a disaster at their facility look to restoration experts to help recover materials that could be potentially expensive losses. A manufacturer needs raw materials to make their products, and restoration experts have the ability to save raw materials from a facility that has been hit by a disaster. The ability to preserve the raw materials an industrial facility requires to start production back up after a disaster can save that facility a great deal of money.

One of the more specialized talents that restoration experts possess is the ability to restore fine art and precious artifacts after a disaster. Museums, churches and avid collectors are always appreciative when a restoration company can bring the beauty back to a treasured item that was affected by a fire or flood.

The Necessity of Content Restoration

When it comes to caring for a property that has been affected by a disaster, it is important to remember that the process of restoring is much different than rebuilding. A new build project is built from the ground up with new materials that all come together to create a new building. A rebuild project is much more complicated because the materials used must match the existing materials to create a seamless effect.

Populating a new structure with items, whether it is residential or commercial, is exciting. Over time, those items settle into the everyday routine and develop a value that is special to each item. That value can be measured in the productivity of an office machine, or the emotional attachment a family feels for the furniture and other items that populate its home. Restoration not only helps to save money as you put your life together after a disaster, but it also brings back those items that have become important to you, your family and your coworkers.

When a fire, flood or other natural disaster strikes your home or office, it can feel like you will have to start all over again. You and your insurance agent go through all of the options you have when it comes to rebuilding your facility or home, and you start to wonder what is going to happen to your possessions.

As you look around at your burned property and see all of your possessions in poor condition, you start to wonder what will happen next. Will you have to buy new furniture? How will you replace all of the office machinery that you rely on to run your business? Can you get a replacement machine in time to get your industrial facility back online? As you ask your insurance agent all of these questions, they start to tell you about content restoration.

A professional content restoration company will go through every item from your facility and determine whether or not they can be saved. You will get a complete list of the items that can be restored so that you know exactly what has to be replaced and which one of your familiar items you will be getting back. When you start to see the family heirlooms and critical office equipment that can be saved, you rest easy knowing that your home or office will be back to just the way it was before the disaster struck.

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