Worried about mold, moisture damage or indoor air quality?

“Local Mold Pros” offers 10 years of experience of indoor air quality management for more than 1000 buildings, including homes, offices, apartments, schools and medical facilities.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) has become an important concern as buildings are made increasingly tight to save energy. Poor ventilation, dust, allergens, and volatile chemicals sometimes contribute to health symptoms. Bad odors can be very upsetting and be due to a variety of causes. MTS can perform IAQ assessments.

Our services include:

  • Consulting
  • Mold identification
  • Mold testing
  • Air quality testing
  • Detailed reporting
  • Preparation ofmold remediation protocols
  • Mold clearance testing

In addition to our qualified mold inspectors, we have a wide variety of state-of-the-art tools at our disposal, including:

  • Video Cameras
  • Moisture Meters
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging Devices
  • Cutting edge mold inspection equipment

We can check for moisture damage using above devices. This includes roof leaks, ice dams, wet basements, Dry-Vit siding, etc. In many cases, we can perform moisture assessments while minimizing damage. We offer quick service and can often provide initial mold test results within 2-3 days after testing. We offer reasonable rates and a variety of options where finances may be limited.

We focus on determining the existence of mold growth, mold type, and the airborne concentrations of mold spores. If you believe that you have visible mold or airborne spores in your home, you need to contact our certified mold inspectors now at (480) 435-9731. We can not only complete a mold testing at your home, but our team can assist you in professional mold remediation if required.

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