How to solve the dry rot problem that has eaten my foundation?

Dry rot is a condition of wood in which a fungus breaks down the wood’s fibers and renders the wood weak and brittle. Excess moisture is the root cause of dry rot. Borate wood preservatives can be used to treat and prevent fungal growth, or even sometimes wood replacement.

Dry rot (also known as brown rot) is one of the most severely damaging decaying forces in the world that can deteriorate household wood. No one likes to hear the word “fungus”. So when your home is being attacked by a living fungus called dry rot, you may want to enlist the help of some professionals to take care of the problem.

“Disaster Recovery Pros” is an expert in dry root and wood replacement. Our professionals can assist you in replacing wood that has suffered from dry rot fungus. We can remove the fungus and help repair the wood damaged by the organism. We can also provide wood replacement and repair due to termite damage.

“Disaster Recovery Pros” has a long history of experience in eliminating, preventing and controlling dry rot infestations in homes.

Our trained surveyors and technicians will:

  • Identify the nature, type and extent of the dry rot and decay
  • Determine the cause by finding, repairing or removing the source of moisture
  • Remove any wood or plaster damaged or affected by dry rot
  • Replace all removed timber with treated timber
  • Advise what additional steps (if any) are required to safeguard the property
  • Ensure your property is left clean and safe
  • Propose the cure for the dry rot with full specification and method statement for the rot treatments

A common first indication of dry rot in a home is the appearance of a “red brick dust”. This is actually an accumulation of fungal spores that are covering the surface, waiting for the proper conditions to start to grow.

Our fully experienced and qualified specialists are experts at identifying the extent of the decay and will arrange for a suitable solution to the treatment of your dry rot problem.

An outbreak of dry rot commonly occurs several months after a household water event, such as flooding, bursting washing machine hoses, a failed water heater, or leaking pipes. We are a restoration company and we focus on corrective and structural repair when replacing damaged fascia and eaves. We prime the wood and use the highest grade wood.

We take care to match the existing wood texture and size as close as possible so that the repair looks as good as new or even better than the original. What really sets us apart from termite companies and others who do this work is that we make sure that the roof system is not damaged by the termite or dry-rot repair.

When dry rot is the cause of damage we find out how the moisture damages the wood, and repair the roof system to prevent the damage from reoccurring. We have saved our customers thousands in repeat repairs by combining the roof repair and the termite/dry-rot repair.

“Disaster Recovery Pros” exerts effort to develop our client’s trust through the consistency of our Dry-rot recovery services. For more information on our services and associations call us at (480) 435-9731

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